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Our Vision

CleanSpace Technology was established in 2009 when a world class medical device engineering team saw a need to create a respirator that not only delivered the highest level of protection but that is also comfortable and easy to use with NO HOSE, NO BELT and NO HEAVY BATTERIES.

The respirator industry had not seen notable innovation in some 20 years, so when CleanSpace launched their first product a year later, it was seen as a game changer. CleanSpace Respirators are unique in that they provide all the protection of a conventional PAPR, but have no belts or hoses, do not create heat stress or fogging of eyewear, and are lightweight and simple to use.

A Trusted Brand

Today, CleanSpace respirators protect those on the frontline of industry and healthcare in some 45 countries.

Our training team offers a structured well-adopted program that can be delivered efficiently and effectively. When you join the CleanSpace community you can rely on product, training and deployment support globally.

Our team is continuously innovating and responding to industry needs globally, and finding solutions to the everyday challenges and concerns of those working in potentially hazardous environments.

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CleanSpace customers work in a variety of industries, but they all rely on respirators as an essential line of personal protection.

In the Industrial sector, CleanSpace respirators are used in a variety of industries including mining, welding, stonemasonry, firefighting, construction and wastewater, while in the healthcare industry, we are utilized by hospitals, aged care facilities, air rescue, laboratories, first responders and pharmaceuticals.

CleanSpace is the combination of a quality respirator product and an ongoing relationship of trust, training and support. We work hard to ensure our customers’ daily working needs are being met safely, comfortably and effectively.

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