• Peak airflow: 230 L/min
  • Enhanced acoustics and communication
  • AirSensit® technology: monitors mask pressure 100 Hz
  • Connectivity
  • Run time: Up to 14 hours*
  • Quick charge: under 2 hours
  • Battery: lithium ion – safe and light
  • Docking stations & car chargers available

  • Power Unit (< 1lb) (lightest PAPR on market)
  • Compact/few parts: no adaptors, tubes or connectors
  • Compatible with half mask
  • Particulate filters available
  • Buttons designed for gloved hands
  • Modern, intuitive operating system
  • Durable and robust
  • Sustainable: reusable, low carbon and plastic footprint

* Operating time is strongly affected by filter type, filter loading, mask seal, work rate, altitude, and other factors. The operating times quoted above are average durations at moderate work rates at sea level. Actual operating times may vary widely from the quoted average durations.


Technology that tracks respiratory protection

In the workplace with airborne hazards, employers must implement and manage an effective Respiratory Protection Program, consisting of four components to fulfill their duty of care:


Surveillance in place to ensure compliance and shape behaviors/processes as required


Respirators that consistently meet or exceed site requirements


Staff are capable and confident on the use and care for their respirators


Respirators are working, available and ready to use when needed